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If you want your voice and ideas to reach in front of a global audience, write for us. Our readers are knowledge-thirsty individuals who are searching for high-quality and knowledgeable resources, which can solve their problems or query. By contributing to us, you are supporting us to help our community grow. At the same time, you are moving forward on the path of developing and building a strong reputation online.

In addition to this, writing for us will

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What are we looking for?

We are ideally looking for tutorials, articles, and guides on topics related to design and development.

Some of the popular categories you can consider writing are

  • Web Design

  • App Design

  • Brochure, Card , Logo, Catalog, Poster and Booklet Design

  • User Experience Design and Development

  • Interior Design

  • Latest Web Design Trends

  • Menu Design

  • Guides

  • Tutorials

  • Brand Creation and Management

  • Marketing Tips

  • Interviews with Expert Designers and Developers, and others

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

We welcome well-researched posts that contain actionable content and are relatable. more informative and interesting..

Guidelines that are must meet are

  • Your post must be a minimum of 900 words. If it’s more, it’s great!

  • We value the content provided by you. But our editors hold the right to make relevant edits in the content submitted by you. The edits are made based to boost readability as well as to remove all kinds of errors from the post.

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  • The images / videos will be provided by you.

  • The content approved must be shared on different social networking platforms.