Why Don’t Most SEO Strategies Work?

There are many reasons why an SEO strategy does not work.

In this article, I think about 10 top reasons your SEO strategy could be missing its mark.

  1. No long-term perspective

Most SEO action plans are defined for a limited period, six months to a year. Many customers feel that there is no need for SEO or maximum maintenance to keep up with the rankings after that period. It’s this short-term thinking that gets website owners caught up in wrong SEO tactics with little result. The right SEO strategy should create “value” over the lifetime of your online business. Is Your SEO Plan the Right Strategy?

  1. Shooting in the dark

Most SEO experts don’t have a good strategy for securing your rankings. What’s amazing is that the client doesn’t think SEO is something they will understand, nor feel they need. This means that your SEO tactics may be darts in the dark in hopes of hitting the bullseye. Do you know and understand the SEO strategies used on your website?

  1. Lack of alignment

Most SEO action plans are inconsistent, lack participation and deep perspective in search engines. Many SEO experts build random links (from relevant sites) to your website, which eventually increase the rankings, sometimes temporarily. But if you want to make a strong link reputation and earn lifelong traffic, good tuning is a must. Is your SEO plan aligned with the new link variables – consistency, relevance, diversity, progression, participation, and age of links?

  1. Play follow the leader

Most SEO action plans follow the leader, i.e., your competitors. Most customers worry too much about the competitors (and their rankings) and less about the “value” they create. An SEO tactic that focuses on chasing competitors is like a dog trying to catch its tail. It always seems close, yet the dog can never see it. Is your SEO plan chasing its tail?

  1. Wrong Expectations

Most SEO action plans make high claims and ranking guarantees. Most customers buy this. The clients who purchase fast or cheap SEO schemes should understand the expectations and results well. If you don’t understand your SEO tactics, how it works, and why, you wish the same. Is your SEO strategy based on wrong expectations from both sides?

  1. Chasing a dream

Most SEO action plans present the vision of tons of traffic coming to your website. Yes, the business will come, but the reality is that doing business online isn’t always easy. It’s about creating value, building a brand, communicating that brand, making the brand visible, understanding your target markets and your customer, and a long-term vision. And this takes time. Is your SEO plan chasing a dream, or is it reality based on real-world business principles?

  1. The bigger, the better

Most SEO action plans focus on the maximum number of web, user, and social communities while building links. And many customers are impressed by the large numbers. You should keep in mind that it is not possible to participate in so many communities simultaneously and for a certain period. So bigger is not always better! Do you have an SEO plan that focuses on “value and participation” rather than numbers?

  1. Forgotten the customer

Most SEO action plans are not customer-focused. If your prospects aren’t getting “value” from your SEO strategy, you’re on the road to failure. Creating value – making that value visible – leads to conversions. Is your SEO plan creating value for your potential clients?

  1. Are all SEO strategies the same?

All SEO experts follow the same guidelines; however, not all SEOs have the right SEO strategy to get closer to your online business goals. So take the time to understand the SEO strategy you plan to implement and why you prefer that SEO plan over others.

  1. The Wrong SEO Strategy

There are no wrong SEO experts, but SEO experts have bad SEO strategies. So hire the expert SEO with the right SEO strategy today!