3 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Illustrator

In this age of digital photography when anyone anywhere can take photographs, why would you want to consider using illustrations for your next project?

We learn to recognize and understand images long before we learn to read and understand words, so there’s no denying the importance visuals have in communication. What matters is how clearly an image can convey what you want it to.

A camera is a tool — a camera doesn’t make someone a photographer any more than using a pen makes someone a writer. Photo quality is most dependent on the skills of the photographer, and hiring a good, experienced photographer can cost thousands of dollars a day.

In some cases, photographs aren’t practical or even possible to get the point you want to make across to your audience. So when photos just won’t do, an illustrator can come to your rescue!

Instant Understanding

Dunkin Donuts Dunkachino illustrations

Illustrations can visually simplify a complex process or product to make it easier for your target market to understand. A picture truly is worth a thousand words, and can be understood by almost everyone. Illustrations transcend language barriers, because even if we speak different languages, we all see the same things. Illustrations make your information accessible and understood around the world.


cut-away illustrationsEver been frustrated by photos of small parts and complicated procedures that don’t clearly show what’s going on? Illustrations can be more precise than photographs. Cutaways, exploded views, ghosted views, and step-by-step instructional illustrations show critical details that can’t easily be seen in a photograph. Helpful visual cues such as arrows can also be included for even better comprehension. These types of illustrations highlight critical information and minimize distracting elements unimportant for understanding the central purpose of the illustration.

Likewise, infographics explain complex data in a way that is engaging and easy to understand. How would you rather learn facts and figures – from a spreadsheet of information, or a colorful graphic where the information is easily digestible?

Marketing Impact

decorative illustrationsIllustrations can have a high marketing impact — a beautifully rendered illustration of your product or an illustration to highlight your services conveys your message with unique style.

Illustrations add a distinctive decorative touch to products, and add interest to straightforward subjects. You will stand apart from your competition and stand out to your target audience!

Next time you have difficult or complex information to translate for your audience, consider illustrations to make your marketing clearer, easier to understand and a welcome change from the ordinary!

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