What Makes the New American Express Ads So Appealing?

I know I’ve talked and tweeted about the recent American Express ads ad nauseum…I love the images, I love the soundtrack, I even love seeing people stop whatever they’re doing to watch when they hear Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, I. Prelude begin. (Thanks to takingcredit.com for that tidbit of information). Or my nephew calling, “Mom, your favorite commercial is on!” when he sees it. Do you get the feeling I like these commercials a lot?

What is it about these particular commercials that captures peoples’ attention? I think it is the way they engage the viewer and listener…you find yourself actively looking for the frowning or smiling image- quickly!- before they move on to the next. The music is a perfect fit to the rhythm of the ads. I find myself looking for smiley and frowny faces during the course of my day.

In the age where folks TiVo programs and in other ways filter out commercials, this is one (of admittedly very few) I’d be sorry to have missed. Are there other ads that you feel strongly about- good or bad?

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