Tip 1 of 5 to Spring Clean Your Website- the Blink Test

cleaning up your web siteSpring is right around the corner, although it seems like it’s been here for a while already in the Northeast! In anticipation of warm breezes through open windows, here is one tip to clean the cobwebs out of your web site:

Take the Blink Test. Look at a page of your web site for 5 seconds, then close your eyes. (No fair peeking!) Do you remember clearly seeing and understanding what your value proposition to your customers is? No?

People’s attention span when scaning a web page is about 5 seconds to find if there is anything of interest to them. If your business’ value is not immediately apparent to your visitors, they will move right along to another site. it’s time to clear out the “junk,” and focus on making your message focused and memorable.

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