The Recipe for Marketing Success

Recipe for Marketing

If you ate flour yesterday, an egg today, sugar and salt tomorrow and butter next week, would you have tasted a “cake?” Obviously not. Separately, these ingredients taste nothing like what they become when mixed together in the right proportions and baked for the right amount of time.

So, if you try email marketing for a couple months, or send out a one-time mailer, or advertise in one publication one month and a few months later in another publication, have you really tasted “marketing?”

“I tried marketing once and it didn’t work.”

I hear this from time to time from business owners. When I ask what they tried that didn’t work, the reply is usually an ingredient (activity) or two that they tried one time, but with no strategy or plan to get the right mix of activities and timing, or even an idea of how to measure success. Not surprisingly, they were disappointed with the results.

The Recipe for Marketing

Marketing, like cooking, is more than just the ingredients used. To get good results, marketing needs a recipe that combines the right mix of activities, timing and presentation to get delicious results. “Marketing” rarely turns out well if there’s no strategy and plan (recipe) for using the ingredients.

Even following a plan, continuing to taste, smell and test during the process is important, so the types or proportions of activities can be adjusted for the best results.

Strategy + Planning + Activities = Cake!

When you put thought into marketing strategy and planning, and add the right mix of activities to support it, the chances for success rise dramatically. Do you have a marketing plan for your business? Do you follow it? Are you testing every so often to see if your activities still support your objective? If you are, you’ll have your cake and eat it too!

Thanks to Don Kaplan, Kaplan Marketing, for providing the analogy and inspiration for this post!

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