The New iWood…just in time for Earth Day!

features_phone_picIn honor of Earth Day, I want to make you aware of the newest technological marvel…the iWood with “blazing 3B technology!” Environmentally friendly using sustainable materials and bio-degradable packaging, the iWood is the latest “must-have” accessory for those of us who feel inferior (or fed up!) around our iPhone-toting friends and co-workers. The iWood comes to us courtesy of  Kirsten Sorton and Jesse Willmon, who have spared no expense to provide feature-laden apps such as Meeting Ignore, Know-It-All, Boring, and Useless Crap. To quote the iWood official web site, “You know you want it, you know you need it. The time is now for you to join the i-wood 3B revolution.” Click here to order yours today! If you can’t afford one just now, please visit the web site anyway for a good laugh. What other suggestions do you have for apps for this revolutionary new phone??

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