Go On a Date With Your Clients & Prospects

If you were getting ready for a first date, you would probably take a shower, splash on some cologne or spritz on perfume, brush your teeth, fix your hair and dress attractively. (If you wouldn’t do these things, you can stop reading right here, because what follows won’t help you!)

Mr. BigshotThat’s great – you want to make a good first impression. But if you follow that with conversation that is all about YOU, the warm and fuzzy feeling will vanish pretty quickly. Your companion will leave feeling that you’re nothing but a conceited, egotistical person, and there will be no second date.

The same holds true for your marketing. If all your marketing does is talk about your own business – WE do this, WE do that, WE solve the other thing – think about how your date with your prospect will end. There’s no chance for conversation or a sense of inclusion when the conversation revolves around just you.

Your prospects need and want to be a part of your conversation. They make the decisions and live with the consequences. They need to be engaged so they can see what in their world will be better by accepting what you offer.

So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, think about treating your date right by turning the marketing conversation away from you and toward them.

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