JS Graphics Specialty License Plate Design Wins NC Legislative Approval

display_nchc_tagThe North Carolina Legislature has recently approved the design by JS Graphics, Inc. for a specialty license plate benefiting the North Carolina Horse Council. This plate will be offered to equestrian enthusiasts throughout North Carolina, with the proceeds providing programs for:
  • Scholarships for students majoring in equine subjects
  • Grants to non-profit horse associations
  • Education for horse care, trail building and maintenance, land management, and show management
  • Keeping members abreast of issues, both within the state as well as nationally, which may affect the horse industry
  • Educating the non-horse owning public about the horse and its importance in the North Carolina economy
  • Encouraging the development of equine-related tourism
  • Maintaining trails throughout the state and working with land managers to ensure access to those trails
  • Providing support to horse rescue and emergency response teams

Pre-sales of these specialty plate are now being accepted, so if you know anyone in North Carolina who would like to show their support for the NCHC, please have them visit here to begin the application process.

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