JCPenny Redesigns Logo and Marketing Strategy Yet Again

Less than a year ago, JCPenny (excuse me, that’s lowercase jcpenny now!) rebranded, using the winner of a contest for the logo design. Apparently that didn’t work out so well for the retailer, because tomorrow, jcpenny will be rolling out yet another re-branding effort. Who would have thought that holding a contest for a re-branding wouldn’t be as effective as hiring an experienced branding professional??! I’m shocked, I tell you.

So now, jcpenny has rolled out another branding effort, with a new logo design, along with a “simplified” pricing strategy (that, frankly, still sounds rather complicated to me). The idea behind the new logo is to remind customers to “frame” the things they love. Huh? I’m looking hard, but I just don’t see that. It sounds pretty forced. I’m also skeptical that their brand is iconic enough to forgo the name and just use the “jcp.” All in all, pretty generic looking, which is the effect I think jcpenny was trying to move AWAY from.

Is there anything I like? I like that the square proportions of the logo reflect their new “Fair and Square” customer policy, and the colors are reminiscent of the American flag, with is the effect they were going for. I like that, regardless of the origins of the previous logo, they appear to be trying to build off of it for some continuity.

You can read jcpenny’s press release here.

And now, three words about the new TV ad accompanying their new branding effort…MAKE IT STOP! It’s non-stop screaming sends me lunging for the remote “mute” button every time it comes on. I can’t think of another ad so annoying as this one. Watch it here if you’ve been able to avoid it so far:

I’m curious as to what you think of the “new” jcpenny? How successful do you think their re-branding will be?

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