How Do You Get Inspired?

Thermal pool in Yellowstone

I recently returned from a fabulous vacation in and around Yellowstone National Park…such a different environment from where I spend most of my days, and just breath-taking. Time away from the day-to-day is so important to re-charge our batteries, engage in play instead of work, and, especially for those in creative fields, re-connect with wonder and inspiration. It doesn’t take a week+ vacation to achieve this…a day or even an afternoon away and in a new and stimulating or relaxing environment can feel like a vacation and re-ignite the passion and “what if?” thinking that can get buried under the day-to-day of our working lives.

Sometimes just hearing or reading something can re-invigorate and inspire, and in that vein, I’d like to share this video from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. Enjoy, and feel free to comment here about what inspires YOU.

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