Boston Ballet Re-Branding Creates a “Nutcracker” Buzz

The Boston Ballet

The headline in the Boston Globe on December 19 said it all: “’Nutcracker’ Boom Means Crunch Time for Patrons”. The article by Geoff Edgers goes on to explain that sales are booming for the Boston Ballet’s Christmas classic “The Nutcracker.” So much so that in five years, the Ballet has gone from being evicted by the Wang Theatre for not being profitable enough to seeing scalpers charge double for now-scarce tickets in their new venue at the Boston Opera House. And while I don’t condone scalping, what business wouldn’t want their product or service to have the kind of perceived value that would inspire people to pay MORE?

So to what does the Boston Ballet credit this dramatic turn-around? According to the article, they cite their new branding campaign by Korn Design, including a new web design and targeted advertising. Artistic director Mikko Nissinen, describes the Ballet’s previous brand as a stogy, corporate look that made him think, “What are we, a dancing bank?” Their new visual identity, unveiled earlier this year, is vibrant and geared toward attracting people to become more involved with the Boston Ballet’s programs, studios and community out-reach.

And it seems to be working! While the Boston Ballet is a high-profile example of what a proper re-branding can do, the fact is this approach will work for any business large or small. Expertly executed, branding or re-branding can move your business forward even when the economy is not.It’s a wise investment for the long-term growth of business.  And if you don’t believe me, just try to buy tickets this holiday season to “The Nutcracker!”

Wishing everyone a happy holiday season!

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