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Last week I attended a webinar on “Evolving Color Concepts,” presented by Leatrice Eiseman. She’s a consultant to Pantone, the fashion industry, and has written several books on color. Even though I know a fair amount about color already, it was good to review as well as keep up-to-date with current color trends. For instance, those of us of a certain age recall with horror the avocado greens and harvest golds of the seventies!! However, Leatrice made a point of saying in her presentation that avocado has taken on a new elegance, especially as “being green” has given new a meaning  of sustainability and eco-consciousness to the color green. Hmm. Don’t call it avocado and I might be able to consider it, but some color associations may be too hard to break. I like orange and teal (and I even like them in combination) but seeing those two colors together just remind me of HoJo’s, no matter what context they’re in. What colors evoke specific associations for you?

Color trends are important to consider for fashion and cars and such, or if you’re marketing trendy goods or services. But for the rest of the branding identity, print, etc. out there, chasing color trends will only make you look dated in a couple of years…or less.


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  1. I find the recent trend of having washers and dryers in bright colors a little unsettling.
    I recently walked through the appliance section of Sears where they had a red washer and dryer displayed. It was far too noticeable even in that large space, I tried to envision it in a smaller room. Not for me, white never goes out of style.