Branding is About Customer Service, Too


Last summer my mother moved from her home into an assisted living community. Since her house would be empty while it was being renovated and on the market, I needed to get vacant property insurance, plus renter’s insurance for the assisted living apartment into which my mother had moved.

I called the local insurance agency she had done business with for 18 YEARS for her home and auto, and left a message for her agent to call me back. And then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. A couple of days later, I called again. And again a few days after that. Finally, I got a call back and I gave her agent all of the information she needed to draw up the policies. I was told I would get a call back by the end of the day. But – you guessed it – I waited 3 more days before I called back yet again.

FINALLY, a new renter’s policy arrived in the mail, but the vacant property policy was still a no-show. Back to the phone to call and leave more messages, and wait. At this point, frustrated and angry, I called my own insurance agency and spoke to them about vacant property insurance for my mother’s house. My agent explained to me how the vacant property coverage worked, how much it would cost, and by the next morning, I had a policy in my hand, and my agent had a check in hers!

I never  contacted my mother’s insurance agency again and, not surprisingly, I’ve yet to receive that policy or a call back.

Now, which agency do you think I will refer when someone asks me about a good insurance agency to do business with?

Branding includes the experience each and every person has when they come into contact with a business and the people who represent it. Unless your business lives its brand, all the careful marketing planning, compelling visual branding, fancy brochures and flashy websites will only go so far. These things will get prospects in your door, but the experience they have will keep them coming back.

And I’d tell that to the first insurance agency, if they would ever return a call!

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