Don’t Pay Any Attention to My Web Site

Advertising house for sale

In early July, my mother moved from her 55+ community condo into assisted living. And since July, I’ve been preparing her condo for sale. (Do I know how to have a fun summer or what?) It was entirely re-painted, with new carpeting, all new Energy Star appliances, and shiny new plumbing fixtures installed, among other things. Finally, the condo was staged so that it looked great and was ready for it’s debut in the real estate market.

Now, what would happen if that’s where I stopped? If I didn’t let anyone know that it was for sale, didn’t market and show it? If I assumed that buyers looking for a condo for sale would just somehow find out about it? After all of the preparation and money spent making it ready, that wouldn’t make much sense, would it?

Yet I see that happen when it comes to businesses that spend time, effort and money to create an on-line presence for their organization, and stop there. They don’t take the next logical step(s) that help them get discovered. Just like the current crowded real estate market, the web is adding new sites at an average of 150,000 every day. It’s estimated that Google is able to index only a small fraction of those sites in any given year.

If your strategy for bringing visitors to your site is crossing your fingers and hoping that someone finds you on-line, it’s the same as trying to sell a house without letting anyone know it is for sale. Or, as a colleague of mine aptly puts it, it’s laying the For Sale sign face-down in front of your house.

There are many strategies for making your on-line presence known, depending on what the purpose for your site is, your target audience, etc. Maybe it’s not a web site at all, but a Facebook page or Twitter feed or YouTube channel for which you want to build a fan base. Don’t assume that someone entering your product or service into a search engine will find you straight away. It takes a strategic plan to get you noticed!

My mother’s condo? Careful preparation combined with the realtor’s plan for marketing, including a mailing to a certain demographic and having no showings until after an open house was held, garnered immediate results. The property sold in 4 days – for the price we wanted, no less. It doesn’t get much better than that these days!

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