Working Together

How will we work together? Simply, we will collaborate to create marketing and design for your business of which you can be proud.

We’ll discuss your needs and wants and agree on the scope, schedule, and cost for the project. An agreement signed by both of us and a deposit will be required to start. The agreement will contain a schedule to keep everyone on task and on-track. We’ll be in contact with each other throughout the process. We’ll answer all of your questions.

You’ll feel confident that your marketing represents you and your business. Your customers and prospects will feel confident in the quality of your firm and they’ll be more likely to choose you and stay with you.

Cost versus Value

It makes sense to shop around, and you will likely get a wide range of quotations. Before choosing a marketing and design partner, consider the likely quality of the finished product(s) and the quality of the service and support you’ll receive during the project and beyond.

We can’t tell what the investment for your project will be without finding out about you and your specific needs. In order to get that ball rolling, you’ll have to get in touch with us!

Still not sure? See what we’ve done for other clients. Learn more about JS Graphics. Check out what type of clients like working with us.