Cookie Cutters are for Baking, NOT for Web Sites

Recently I was asked to review the existing web site of a potential client. It was built using a free site template from a major business software provider, and it had all the tell-tale signs…generic graphics and an unsophisticated layout, … Continue reading

Boston Ballet Re-Branding Creates a “Nutcracker” Buzz

The headline in the Boston Globe on December 19 said it all: “’Nutcracker’ Boom Means Crunch Time for Patrons”. The article by Geoff Edgers goes on to explain that sales are booming for the Boston Ballet’s Christmas classic “The Nutcracker.” … Continue reading

Fresh-Baked, Half-Baked or Leftover Logos? Which Do You Want for Your Business?

You may have noticed web sites that offer CHEAP! logos for your business, or a logo designed in only two hours. Often for less than the price of lunch, they claim to provide you with a “custom-designed” identity or offer … Continue reading

2nd Annual Creative Freelancer’s Conference

I am so looking forward to attending this year’s Creative Freelancer’s Conference in San Diego! I attended last year’s inaugural conference with a bit of trepidation. Who else would be there? Even though I learned who the presenters would be … Continue reading