Are You Having An Identity Crisis?

Identity Crisis

How important do you think it is to have a logo for your business? Sure, mega-international companies like Nike and Apple have instantly recognizable identities, but what are the benefits of a custom designed logo for a small to medium-sized organization with a much smaller budget?

Dressed for Success

In fact, a well-designed logo may be even more important for them! It gives a competitive advantage to a smaller business seeking to make a favorable first impression in a crowded marketplace. An effective, consistently used logo identifies the business’ core competency and personality. It reflects the organization’s professionalism, quality and pride. It says who they are when they’re not physically in front of their customers. It makes a favorable first impression on new customers and reinforces the organization’s qualities for existing customers.

Studies show that most people remember visuals better than things they read or hear. If someone forgets the name of a business, their memory can be jogged by the graphic representation of the organization-it’s logo! You can think of a logo as a unique abbreviation representing a business.

The Price of Fame

But what about the cost of a custom-designed logo? An identity designed by a professional designer can cost what seems like a lot of money, but when all the other expenses of starting up and running a business are considered, the money spent on a well-designed logo is a wise long-term investment. A logo is a once-in-a-business-lifetime expense. Amortized over the life of your business, you can see what a reasonable cost it really is, especially for the return you get on having a unique and memorable business identity.

A professionally-designed logo will work in more practical ways as well, such as being legible across a variety of reproduction like business cards, merchandise, web site, display graphics, etc. A logo designer should provide a Style Guide for the logo’s proper use, as well as a variety of appropriate logo file formats.

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