Are you “Digitally Distinct?”

I am digitally distinct! Visit
I was reading an article recently about managing your personal brand on-line and it referenced the Online ID Calculator. The free calculator at measures your “Google quotient” based on how many relevant hits your name receives in a Google search.  While I have Googled myself before, I never  compared how I stacked up to what would be considered “digitally distinct.”

Surprisingly, there are still businesses and business folks out there who do not have an on-line presence. Philadelphia career coach Phyllis Mufson says, “If you are not on-line today, chances are you won’t be noticed, or it will be assumed you are behind the times.” I can’t think of any business or professional who can afford to be invisible or dismissed as irrelevant.

Having an on-line presence doesn’t have to be that difficult or time-consuming, either (although the more time you spend shaping your on-line profile, the more you will be noticed). While it IS a commitment of time and expertise to design and build a website for your business, it’s a relatively simple process to create a LinkedIn profile for yourself and your business. Ditto for building a Facebook page for yourself and a fan page for your business. Twitter isn’t mandatory, but my experience is that following industry leaders on Twitter yields a wealth of valuable information for running my business- and my life!

If it still just seems to overwhelming either in time or expertise to tackle these, then hire a pro to do it for you. You can find someone to build your Facebook or LinkedIn pages for you and you can take it from there, or you can hire someone to manage your entire on-line presence for you.

When I tried the Online ID Calculator, I was happy to discover that I ranked as digitally distinct. If you find that you or your business don’t fare as well,  tips are provided on how you can boost your visibility on-line. Take a moment to try it- you’ll either reinforce that you are doing the right things, or will be motivated to try something different!

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