Ads Separated at Birth?

Has anyone else noticed this “new” idea used in two commercials airing recently? I’m talking about the new ads for Toyota’s Prius and the Palm Pré… judge for yourself:

I like the Prius ads…they’re upbeat and I think relate rather well to the concept of environmentally friendliness, kind-to-the-earth image Toyota is promoting for the car. I also like looking closely to see if I can tell the real people from what must certainly be computer-generated animation for the bulk of the folks, or if someone lifts their head early (yes, I did catch a glimpse of that happening).

The ad for the Pré is just, well, odd. I don’t get the connection between a Pré-toting woman sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere with hundreds of vaguely monkish-looking men in orange robes surrounding her and creating changing patterns with their movements. What does it all mean? Is owning a Pré a religious experience?

What do you think of these ads? Will we be seeing more like this? What other products or services would be good candidates for this kind of people-as-pixels approach?

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